St. Laurent Assisted Living Centre

51 Parish Lane P.O.Box 433

St.Laurent, MB. R0C2S0

The need for better health services in the RM of St. Laurent and a facility for supportive housing prompted the development of the ALC . With support from CDEM and various Government Grants development of the ALC began in February of 2000 with both sections opening in June and July of 2001.


For pricing and further information please contact the Administrator at (204) 646-2160 or  email:


 Who are we

We are an Assisted Living Centre and look after the day to day needs of our tenants. Our staff does interact with the tenants (time permitting) during the day while still performing their day to day duties. The Home Care workers interact with them while providing the services they need as well. We welcome family support and interaction to provide a healthy and pleasant environment for each tenant.

The Health Centre Nurses and the Nurse Practitioner will come upstairs to assist the tenants if they are unable to go downstairs. There is also the Senior Resource that provides various activities for seniors such as a light exercise program, birthday club celebration, outings with the handivan and other community activities that take place. The seniors are picked up and brought back home. They are encouraged to participate in all offered activities.

We have an elevator in the building to assist those that are unable to take the stairs to the Health Centre and a handicap door.

We have been in operation since 2001 and look forward to a much needed expansion to our Centre

 Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a facility in the community that would assist in the care for our elderly when they are no longer able to live in their own homes without support.

Our facility has 4 full suites and one respite room, which we rent out to tenants. We work with the IERHA to recognize the needs of the tenant and try to place the person who is in need of the higher level of care.

We provide a comfortable facility for elderly tenants to live. We give assistance to them by providing housekeeping duties, laundry and cooking services. Partnered with the IERHA they provide 24 hour Home Care for the tenants. We provide housing for Level 1 & 2 clients ( as determined by the IERHA) who can stay as long as they wish until they require a higher level of care that Home Care staff are not qualified to provide.

 Neil Gaudry Centre

Imagine leaving your beloved family member in a facility that you can trust and take comfort in knowing they will never be alone. Imagine they are in a place where they can still maintain their sense of independence but know someone is there if they need that helping hand.

Then imagine them or you living at the Neil Gaudry Centre (St.Laurent Assisted Living Centre) .The Assisted Living Centre has 4 large suites and a smaller suite which we call the Respite Suite. The larger suites have the sleeping area, their own full bathroom, a mini kitchen area that has a sink, a mini refrigerator and a microwave. There is a dining area and a living room area.

The respite room is a smaller suite and does not have its own bathroom but is situated directly beside the common bathroom for easy access. All of the suites have nice big windows with views of the grounds and a second exit door which is monitored by the centre. We ask that this door not be used without first discussing it with homecare or the ALC staff. There is a large deck where all are welcome to sit and enjoy the view of the grounds, watch the children play in the school playground or enjoy the scenery of the Grotto. We are located across the walkway from the Catholic Church if the tenant wishes to attend or the Parish Priest will visit at the centre if the tenant wishes.


Shaw satellite TV is included in the rent. It is the tenant’s responsibility to install their own telephone line and we do encourage families to have this as the telephone for the Centre is a business line.

We have one fulltime housekeeper/cook and one part-time housekeeper/cook. Their hours are from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily seven days per week. All meals are prepared and served to the tenants. We encourage everyone to eat together at the dining table but if they prefer to eat in their room we will bring their meal to them. We prepare well balanced nutritional meals and always try to be aware and health conscious of our tenants needs and medical conditions

Family members are welcome to visit anytime and if they would like to join their family member for a meal they may do so for a small fee. We also ask that they call ahead to let the kitchen staff know so enough food can be prepared.

The tenant’s rooms are cleaned daily and each tenant has a designated laundry day. The suites are 16 x 24 and the respite room is 12 x 12 square feet. The tenant must provide their own furniture but homecare will provide a hospital bed if the Nurse Co-ordinator says it is necessary.