Important Changes

Things have changed since the days of "J'men vas dans l'truck pour une ride au dump".  The WTS in St. Laurent is a "WASTE TRANSFER SITE" and is not designed to bury or keep garbage in the RM.  We collect all refuse and we recycle everything possible and ship it out at a cost.  We do get money for some recycled materials.  Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba Inc. (MMSM) is a not-for-profit, industry-funded organization that develops, implements and operates the province's residential recycling programs for packaging and printed paper.  MMSM works on behalf of the manufacturers, retailers and other organizations that supply packaging and printed paper to Manitobans.  These business pay fees on the materials to MMSM, which are then used to reimburse municipalities for up to 80% of the net cost of the residential recycling system.  Products in the program include all your residential recycling like glass, plastics and aluminum.  Other products that can be recycled at a benefit to the RM are Electronics, metals and appliances, household hazardous waste such as paint, pesticides, corrosives, flammable liquids, light bulbs, etc.

Unfortunately, not all products can be recycled and must be shipped out at a cost to the RM.  Garbage collected and tossed in the large container at the south corner of the WTS is hauled out at a cost to the tax payer.  Items such as sofas, mattresses, etc. cannot be burnt or recycled and must be shipped out at a cost to the tax payer as well as many, non burnable, construction materials.


Because of the stringent environmental laws we cannot continue to allow co-mingled construction debris to be carelessly thrown in the Waste Transfer Site.  We ask that if you are doing renovations to your home that you separate your materials properly so that items can be easily identified and sorted.  Drywall, and any form of wood that have glues and toxins including counter tops, cabinetry, plywoods, treated woods, cannot be burnt and must be disposed of by shipping out to a regulated and designated site at a cost to the RM.  Mixed electrical, plugs, wires, boxes, etc. need to be separated from the wood and drywall to be disposed of in our metal recycling area.  The only wood that is allowable to be burnt is non treated wood, branches, leaves, brush, hay, etc.  The more help we have from the residents to properly recycle, the more we will save on tremendous shipping costs and may avoid having to implement tipping fees to offset these costs. PLEASE NOTE SHINGLES WILL NOT BE ACCESPTED AT THE ST. LAURENT WASTE TRANSFER SITE

 Attention Contractors

If you are a contractor, the St Laurent waste transfer site will no longer accept large volume co-mingled construction debris. You will have to add to your construction costs the removal and disposal of this waster to a legally designated landfill.