Roles of Council

Council is elected to make decisions for the municipality about services, policies and programs. Council members have an equal voice at the council table and every council member has one vote. A majority vote is required to make a council decision which represents the decision of the municipality.  All council members must respect the majority decision, even when they did not vote in favour.

Council is required by The Municipal Act to make decisions that are in the best interests of the municipality as a whole.

Individual council members elected on a ward basis must consider the needs of the entire municipality and not only the needs of the ward they represent.

Councils may delegate certain powers, duties or functions to the head of council, a council committee, the Chief Administrative Officer or another designated officer for the municipality. However, there is no authority to delegate powers, duties or functions to an individual council member. This means that individual council members have no authority to make a decision on behalf of the municipality. If they do, they may be held financially or legally liable.